Alcohol metabolism  

Most people consume alcohol because it is a very popular drug. However, alcohol can harmful for the liver. That is why, is very important to maintain the healthy liver, especially for those, who consume alcohol in a more or less moderate manner.

Absorbed alcohol is mostly converted into acetaldehyde, primarily in the liver, by enzymes called alcohol dehydrogenases. Acetaldehyde is a toxin and carcinogen. Liver is one of the largest and most important organs in the human body. It is crucial for many functions, including removing toxins from the body which comes from both, the environment and the diet (including alcohol metabolites).

In our offer You will find Anti-Alcohol Complex, which helps maintain the health of the liver, and supports optimal liver functions. In addition, this supplement provides a broad spectrum of nutrients designed to combat free radicals and neutralize alcohol metabolites (acetaldehyde). For better liver protection, especially against harmful alcohol metabolites, our suppement has been additionally enriched with HepatoProtection Complex, which is combination of grapeseed, barley grass and milk thistle extracts combines with resveratrol and chlorophyllin to combat free radicals and neutralize alcohol metabolites.

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