Frequently asked questions

Is there information on the website to help you choose supplements?

We are well aware that choosing the right dietary supplements can be a difficult undertaking - after all, it concerns our health. Therefore, on our website, we took care to place a rich knowledge base that should serve as a guide for customers and help them in the conscious selection of Life Extension, Quicksilver Scientific and Optimox products.

On what basis does Life Extension develop food supplement formulas?

Life Extension's innovative formulas are based on the latest scientific findings, but also on something more ... the steadfast faith in a clinically proven, scientific approach to better supplementation. This has been the cornerstone of Life Extension's business for over 40 years. The knowledge resources accumulated during this time allow the development of unique formulas that are often impossible to find anywhere else on the market. In other words, unmatched experience leads to unbeatable products. From the very beginning, the Life Extension Foundation has also financed or co-financed many scientific research. This is done by a dedicated unit: Life Extension Clinical Research, Inc.

What drives Life Extension's activities?

As with the foods we eat - and also with dietary supplements - the quality, purity and effectiveness of the ingredients are critical. For this reason, to create the highest-quality supplements - since 1980, Life Extension has been using only the highest-quality, safe and clinically tested ingredients from proven manufacturers. Currently, it produces over 400 nutritional supplements that set the highest quality and effectiveness criteria for supporting the weight loss process, heart health, brain, bone and joint health, as well as eye, skin, sexual health and much more. To be sure that the supplements they produce contain only safe and thoroughly tested ingredients in clinically proven doses - all formulas are based on the latest scientific reports.

What is LEsupplements? is a modern online store that offers the world-renowned and appreciated dietary supplements of Life Extension, Quicksilver Scientific and Optimox. is a certified distributor of these producers, which guarantees their origin from the official source.

What is Life Extension?

Life Extension is a recognized manufacturer of food supplements. For over 40 years Life Extension has been helping people stay healthy and enjoy life. Belief in a scientific approach to better nutrition has always been a cornerstone of the company. Good health is keeping your balance. Regular exercise, a healthy lifestyle, and a sensible diet are the keys to health.